NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL)’s Executive Vice President Unloads 30,000 Shares


David C. Kehoe, Executive Vice President at NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL), sold last August 29th through an open market transaction 30,000 shares of Common Units. Of these, half were sold at an average weighted price of $42.50, for a total value of 637,500. Meanwhile, the other half was sold at an average weighted price of $42.44, for a total value of 636,630. Following the filing, Mr. Kehoe directly owns 239,815 shares of this $3.82 billion company that purchases natural gas liquids from different parties and that sells the product to retailers, refiners and other participants in the wholesale markets.  Throughout last August, Mr. Kehoe also sold over 50,000 shares at an average weighted price of $42.59 each.

In the meantime, NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL)’s large hedge fund shareholders on record like James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management –owner of 14,427 shares- and Ken Griffin’s Citadel Investment Group –owner of 7,269 shares- have decided to remain solid on their position regarding this company.

Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any of the stocks or funds mentioned.

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