OHR Pharmaceutical Inc (OHRP) Director Increased Her Position By 3,200 Shares

OHR Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:OHRP), saw Director Sherie June Almenoff increase her stake in the company. Almenoff purchased 3,200 shares at an average of $8.34 per share. This is not the first move this director has made this year, as Almenoff purchased over 5,000 shares in the company’s common stock this past April. Following these transactions, Almenoff directly owns 125,366 shares in the $221 million market cap pharmaceutical corporation.
Four major Hedge Funds have holdings in the company, & all have remained steady over the past quarter, showing neither an increase or decrease in their exposure to OHR Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:OHRP). Israel Englander‘s Millennium Management holds 900,034 shares worth approximately $12.2 million;  Geoffrey Raynor‘s Q Investments (Spector Holdings) has maintained it’s position with 57,648 shares worth around $780 thousand; Steve Pei‘s Gratia Capital has 48,367 shares worth about $660 thousand; and Aqr Capital management, the hedge fund run by Cliff Asness holds 13,100 shares worth nearly $180 thousand.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.