Opko Health Inc (OPK): Frost’s Binge Keeps on Moving


Phillip A. G. Frost, CEO and Chairman at Opko Health Inc (NYSE:OPK) disclosed today the acquisition of 35,000 shares of common stock through twelve separate transactions, at unit prices ranging from $8.34 to $8.42, on October 29, 2014. Mr. Frost is close to reaching the two-hundred mark for transactions this month, confirming a strong yearly purchasing trend, and now indirectly owns 15,490,546 shares and an additional 2,012,377 directly.

Kevin C. Tang´s Tang Capital Management is the largest shareholding institution (amongst those we track) at Opko Health Inc (NYSE:OPK) with 14,000,000 shares, valued at an estimate $18.7 million, after reporting no changes for the second filling period of 2014.

Opko Health Inc (NYSE:OPK) is a multi-national biopharmaceutical and diagnostics company developing a range of solutions to diagnose, treat and prevent various conditions, including molecular diagnostics tests, laboratory developed tests (LTDs), point-of-care tests and pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Disclosure: The author, Jodor Jalit, holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned.

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