Opko Health Inc. (NYSE:OPK)’s Ceo & Chairman Al Et Md Phillip Frost acquired 20,000 shares, at an average price of $ 8.78 per share. Following this transaction, Mr. Frost directly owns 1,987,500 shares, and more than 156 million securities through different indirect holdings: 141 million securities are held by Frost Gamma Investments Trust, of which Mr. Frost is the trustee, and 15 million shares are owned directly by The Frost Group, LLC, from which Frost Gamma Investments Trust is a principal member. Mr. Frost is currently the main insider procuring stock at Opko Health Inc. (NYSE:OPK), with regular activity.

Important holdings have felt bullish about this company the last reported quarter. Hal Mintz’s Sabby Capital has increased its stake by 146%, holding 23,227 shares, worth more than $21 million, amount which represents 1.21% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Moreover, another important fund feeling enthusiastic about Opko Health Inc. (NYSE:OPK) is Kevin C. Tang’s Tang Capital Management, which currently holds 14 million shares at the company, valued at about $19 million, and accounting for 9.23% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio.

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