Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) has published Q4 results yesterday and since the stock has been falling down rapidly. Though the company’s results boasted of it becoming the second largest SaaS provider only behind, inc. (NYSE:CRM), it didn’t impress the stockholders and the industry experts.

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL)’s Q4 Results From an Analyst Point of View

Dan Morgan of Synovus Trust provided an analysis on CNBC last evening with the results published by Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL). Morgan felt that the biggest miss by Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) was in the licensing growth, which had an estimate of$4.26 billion and the company could only deliver about $3.8 million and the margin here is huge.

Morgan also compared the new software sales with the companies Iike Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) and International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) and felt that comparing with those companies, Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL)’s $3.8 billion is disappointing.

Jim Lacamp of UBS felt that the Q4 results should not be considered at all and that the company has had very slow growth rates for quite some time now. He said that the revenues had been terrible for years and these results cannot be a factor. Lacamp felt that that the company cannot be compared to the semiconductor industry and companies like Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC).

Kayla Tausche of CNBC said that Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) has got a lot of competitors in the recent years and it has been tough for the company to get Organic growth and when Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) finds itself in such position, it always buys. She also said that there is a rumor that the corporation is looking to buy Micro systems. So, according to Tausche if Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) feels that it lacks something, it buys a company and fulfill it so the company needs to tell the market what’s next.

So the results with an EPS of $0.92 for Q4 against the estimated $0.95 didn’t impress the market and we saw a 5% fall in the stock price yesterday.

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