Oritani Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:ORIT), saw an insider execute a transaction that began last week and was officially filed today, September 8th, resulting in the lowering of their holdings with the company. Senior Vice President Phillip Wyks sold a total of 3,500 shares through two separate transactions, at average prices ranging from $14.82 to $14.94 per share. Moreover, following these moves, Wyks currently holds 20,742 shares with the company directly, while having 54,756 shares invested indirectly.
As well, a $672.93 million market cap company, Oritani Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:ORIT) is the holding company for Oritani Bank. Its principal business consists of attracting retail and commercial bank deposits from the general public in the areas surrounding its main office in the Township of Washington, New Jersey, and its other offices in the area.
Finally, as it is a holding company, there are no major hedge funds currently investing in it.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.
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