Park Electrochemical Corp. (PKE) Insider Raises Exposure By Over 7,000 Shares

Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE:PKE), saw an insider improve his position with the company. Director Dale Blanchfield, acquired 7,500 shares of common stock at an average price of  $20.91 per share. Following this transaction, Blanchfield now directly holds a total of 9,000 shares in the company.
Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE:PKE) is a $661.65 million market cap corporation that through its subsidiaries, is a global advanced materials company, which develops, manufactures, markets and sells high-technology digital and radio frequency (RF)/microwave printed circuit materials products for the telecommunications and Internet infrastructure principally for the aerospace markets.
As well, multiple hedge funds have shown involvement with the company. Chuck Royce‘s Royce & Associates holds 2,706,918 shares worth about $80.9 million after a 13% decrease in activity last quarter; Mario Gabelli‘s Gamco Investors remained steady last quarter, now holding 624,400 shares worth around $18.6 million; and Jim Simon‘s Renaissance Technologies holds 556,300 shares worth approximately $16.6 million after lowering it’s position with Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE:PKE) by 2% last quarter.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.