Penny Stocks To Buy In April


Big names that once traded under $5 can be used to judge the potential of penny stocks. Apple Inc. used to be worth almost 80 cents a share, but it is now one of the Big Five American technology companies. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is today worth more than $100, yet in 2015, the stock was worth less than $2.

Insider Monkey shared the 10 penny stocks to buy in April. GBS Inc. is a biosensor diagnostic technology firm situated in New York. Its products use saliva to take non-invasive glucose readings. The business is developing a COV2 test to be used in conjunction with the (RNA) viral detection test. Muscle Maker, Inc. is a publicly-traded company based in League City, Texas. Muscle Maker Grill and Healthy Joe’s are two of the company’s franchised eateries. Pokemoto, a Hawaiian restaurant company, is expanding, with five new franchise agreements bringing the total number of outlets to 37 since its November 2021 launch. Over the previous five days, shares of Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. have risen by nearly 32%. For the treatment of Fabry disease, PRX–102, an enzyme replacement therapy, was as successful as Sanofi’s Fabrazyme. Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. is a biotechnology business that works on immunology, urology, orthopedics, and neurology using adult stem cell treatments. Starting with strokes, the ImmCelz platform will be used in a variety of indications. Guardforce AI Co., Limited is situated in Bangkok, Thailand, and was founded in 2018. With a Buy rating and a $2 price target, EF Hutton analyst Ben Piggott commenced coverage. In Thailand, the company is well-positioned, and diversification should result in faster top-line growth. For more details, click 10 Penny Stocks To Buy In April.

10 Penny Stocks to Buy in April