Penny Stocks With Upcoming Growth Catalysts


Penny stocks have gained a lot of clout in the financial world. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being poured into equities by retail investors. The over-the-counter markets had 1.9 trillion transactions in February, increasing 2,000 percent year over year. The subreddit Reddit has been swamped with penny stock conversations. The average daily trading volume has also increased, indicating that retail investors and penny stocks substantially impact the entire market. Concerns regarding the surge in pump and dump schemes have arisen due to the rising interest in penny stocks.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 penny stocks with upcoming growth catalysts. Kontrol Technologies Corp. is ranked tenth. Commercial customers can benefit from the company’s energy-saving solutions. Kontrol BioCloud is an air quality monitoring and aerosol detection equipment that works in real time. Patient Access Solutions, Inc. is ranked ninth. The company primarily serves the dental industry with healthcare and financial processing solutions. It just announced the completion of the purchase of Tela Mental Health. PowerBand Solutions Inc. is a technology company established in Canada that offers software and funding. At the end of August, the company claimed a 56 percent month-over-month growth in revenue, with a 50 percent gross margin. In its earnings report scheduled after the third quarter of 2021, Reliq Health Technologies Inc. is expected to report its first-ever profit. The business hopes to enroll 4,000 new chronic disease patients in a remote health monitoring program this year. Hydro Power Technologies Inc. is ranked sixth. Middle East Solutions and Technologies for Energy and Environment, a Lebanese renewable energy company, recently signed a joint venture deal with the Canadian enterprise. For more details, click 10 Penny Stocks With Upcoming Growth Catalysts.

10 Penny Stocks with Upcoming Growth Catalysts