Picture Perfect: The 6 Smartphones with the Best Cameras


Smartphones have pretty much become everything you need to pack for a wide array of jobs. For example, we no longer need a desktop or a laptop computer to view and effectively edit documents at the office, if there’s signal reception bringing a map to your holiday would be redundant, on a lazy day lying in your bed? You need not walk to the bookshelf to grab your favorite book to pass the time you could read any book you want on your smartphone, and the list goes on and on.

Let’s talk about one of the most basic features that all the smartphones got, “the camera”. Every smartphone ever created has one, and even though it’s a bare basic feature, on some phones it is the primary selling point. We have to thank the smartphone cameras for the invention of a new word “selfie”. It should not come to you as a surprise, when I tell you that, that taking photos is the most used smartphone features in the world along with sending text messages. Some people may ignore one feature or another on their smartphones, but everyone takes photos using their smartphones. That is totally understandable. Not everyone uses their phones as a gaming platform, but they do use it as a very handy camera.

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