President & CEO Of Sterling Bancorp (STL) Insider Sells over 2,000 Shares


Sterling Bancorp (NYSE:STL), saw it’s President and CEO, Jack L. Kopinsky decrease his holdings with the company through a transaction that began on July 7th and was filed on the 9th. Kopinsky sold 2,730 shares of common stock at an average price of $12.17 per share. After the trade, Kopinsky now directly holds 106,029.43 shares in the $378.57 million market cap company.

Also, multiple hedge funds hold large amounts of shares in Sterling Bancorp (NYSE:STL), the bank and financial holding company that operates in the New York Metropolitan area. Robert I. Usdan And Wayne K. Goldstein‘s Endicott Management holds 2,448,980 shares, worth about $31 million; Khan Brothers, the hedge fund managed by Irving Kahn, saw a spike in it’s positioning with the company by 18% last quarter, and now has 1,336,371 shares worth nearly $17 million invested; and Mario Gabelli‘s Gamco Investors, reported a 2% increase in it’s activity last quarter, now with 1,019,005 shares worth approximately $13 million.

Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.