Questions You Should Avoid when Talking to a Pregnant Woman


Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing for most of the females, but there are some questions you should avoid when talking to a pregnant woman since there are big chance that they will give her the mental breakdown, which can lead to her breaking you down.

When you are talking to a pregnant woman, there are things you are better to leave to the assumption but to try to get the concrete answer. Most of the times, for some question you think you are entitled to have the answer to, you will get the answer not to that specific question, but to the question like: ‘’Which psychiatrist you need to visit to find out that that’s not any of your business?’’, ‘’Where can you go to?’’, and what are your biggest mistakes and misleads in life. Of course, this will all be followed by their sweet, red eyes, high voice, and smoke. So next time you meet a pregnant woman in the market, on the street or whatever, just be happy for her and tell her how she glows. Don’t you dare ask her if she is excited or if it feels great knowing that she is bringing the new life because the answer will in most cases be positive. At least to you. But you will remind her on all the sicknesses she was having for the past three months, all the nights she couldn’t sleep because baby was kicking her, all the tiredness, all the annoying cousins and neighbors that know the best what she is supposed to do with herself and the baby, all the pressure she is taking every day, all the anxiety she will have until the labor. Actually, if your mouth are faster than your brain and you don’t know what to talk about with a pregnant woman, just don’t talk. If she is in your house, go to your room and keep your mouth shut. It is better for you and it is better for her and especially for your mutual future relations. Just go and don’t turn back. But in case you are in obligation to stay in the same room with her anyway, listen to our advice and try to avoid these 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman if you appreciate your life enough.