Ralph Lauren Corp (RL) Reveals Smart Polo Tech Shirt for Health Tracking


Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) has stepped into the wearables domain with a boom. The fashion brand has revealed a high-performance, fashion-forward Polo Tech shirt that has knitted-in sensors to track the physical and biological attributes like stress levels, heartbeat, respiratory level and body heat. The smart shirt keeps sending this data to your smartphone for efficient tracking of personal health and physical condition. In a program on CNBC, David Lauren, Ralph Lauren executive vice president of global advertising and marketing, said that Polo Tech shirt will be available by this spring and the company is very excited about it.

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“We can follow and monitor your health to help you with a better life, whether you are walking down the street, whether you are playing tennis or whether you are in a board meeting,” said Mr. Lauren.

Lauren said that Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) has been in the market for 50 years and the company is growing constantly. He thinks that Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) has introduced exciting products in different domains. He said that Polo tech shirt is only one example of how Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) is leading the tech-fashion industry.

Lauren said that the company does not drive its product strategy by looking at its competitors rather Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) is leading the industry and crafting its products and marketing strategies based on its customer base and growth opportunities. He announced that the company will be opening a new store on Fifth Avenue and customers of Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL)  will be very excited to see this Polo tech shirt in the coming spring. Lauren avoided talking about the price of the tech shirt.

Ken Griffin is one of the biggest shareholders of Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL), having approximately 1.89 million shares of the company so far.

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