Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc. (RH) Insider, Carlos Alberini Sells 40,000 Shares


Carlos Alberini, Director at Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc. (NYSE:RH), unloaded 40,000 shares of Common Stock in a two day transaction pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan. The sale commenced on Wednesday, when the insider sold 20,000 shares in multiple trades ranging from $88.50 to $90.50 per share. Alberini then disposed of another 20,000 shares yesterday, paying $89.59 per share. Moreover, the Director has been consistently selling off his company shares over the past month and now owns a total of 661,441 shares.

Insider stock sales have been frequent throughout June at the $3.5 billion market cap holding firm, with the Chief Financial Officer, Karen Boone, unloading 45,000 shares of Common Stock, for $82.95 per share. Kenneth Dunaj, Chief Operating Officer at Restoration Hardware, also disposed of 20,000 shares of Common Stock, paying a price of $83.75 per share.

On another note, this quarter showed a new shareholder position amongst hedge funds, with Eminence Capital. The hedge fund, run by Ricky Sandler, acquired a position with 1.25 million shares, worth $92.1 million, comprising 1.49% of the portfolio.

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