RetailMeNot Inc (SALE) Senior Editor Recommends Amazing Gadgets For Grilling


Summer BBQs are a loved by almost everyone. But for fun grilling, you need to have a clean grilling system that doesn’t bother you much. Technology has fine-tuned everything around us in a positive way. Shedding some light on “easy grilling”, senior editor for RetailMeNot Inc (NASDAQ:SALE), Trae Bodge wired the world about some amazing tech gadgets that can be used to clean, automate and improve the grilling process and grilling equipment. Talking to the CNBC‘s Julia Boorstin, Bodge said that grilling is always fun but at times one can get frustrated because of the mess which can gather around. So technology is here to the rescue.

RetailMeNot Inc (NASDAQ:SALE)

“Grills take a long time to heat up and if you have some food, you want to cook it and your friends coming over, you’ll want it get rolling,” said Bodge. She also introduced some amazing and innovative gadgets to clean the grills. According to the senior editor of RetailMeNot Inc (NASDAQ:SALE), the number one gadget for grilling is the automatic grill cleaning robot from Sharper Image Corporation (OTCMKTS:SHRPQ).

“It runs around your grill and cleans it and then lets you know when done,” said Bodge explaining about the amazing grill clear from Sharper Image Corporation (OTCMKTS:SHRPQ).

Another gadget for easy grilling is BBQ Dragon, which costs only $50. BBQ Dragon clips onto your grill and pushes the air from atmosphere at low volumes. This gadget is best for bonfires according to RetailMeNot Inc (NASDAQ:SALE) gadget guru.

Another baffling gadget recommended by Bodge is the iGrill, an automated device that gets synced with your iPod or iPad. You can connect the special terminals of the iGrill into your meat and walk away. As soon as your meal is ready, you will get a notification on your device.

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