REX American Resources Corp (REX) Insider Lowers Exposure By Over 15,000 Shares

REX American Resources Corp (NYSE:REX), watched as one of its highest level insiders substantially lowered their stake in the company. COB and CEO Stuart A. Rose sold 18,000 shares today, August 14th, at an average price of $93.3271 per share. Following the completion of this transaction, Rose now has 728,758 shares directly invested in the company.
A $769.85 million market cap company, REX American Resources Corp (NYSE:REX) is a holding company to succeed to the entire ownership of three affiliated corporations, Rex Radio and Television, Inc., Stereo Town, Inc. and Kelly & Cohen Appliances, Inc.
In addition, multiple hedge funds are involved with the energy company. Jim Simons‘ Renaissance Technologies rose its activity by 11% last quarter, now holding 266,600 shares worth about $15.2 million; while Israel Englander‘s Millennium Management also saw an increase in its holdings last quarter, by 227%, and now has 36,375 shares worth nearly $2.1 million invested in the company.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.
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