Ricky Sandler’s Eminence Capital’s Top Stocks


Eminence Capital’s CEO, chief investment officer, and portfolio manager is Ricky Sandler. Mark Asset Management was where he began his investment career in 1991. As of the conclusion of the second quarter, Eminence’s portfolio was valued at $8.12 billion. Eminence Capital, founded by Ricky Sandler, manages around $3.6 billion in a long/short equities strategy. During the second quarter of 2021, the fund made new purchases in 16 stocks, increased stakes in 22 stocks, sold 13 stocks, and reduced holdings in 32 stocks.

Insider Monkey takes a look at Ricky Sandler’s Eminence Capital’s top 10 stocks. Morgan Stanley is one of Ricky Sandler’s most valuable holdings. Morgan Stanley was owned by 69 hedge funds at the end of the second quarter, with a total value of $5.34 billion. On October 18, a Citi analyst boosted his price objective from $100 to $105 per share. On October 24, Uber Technologies, Inc. announced a partnership with Tesla. By 2023, Uber drivers will have access to up to 50,000 Tesla electric automobiles. The agreement paves the way for Tesla’s anticipated robotaxi network. Amazon.com, Inc. is an e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence company based in the United States. Capitalizing on advertising and extending the Amazon Prime membership are two of the company’s future strategies for growth and profitability. One of Ricky Sandler’s top stocks in his Q2 portfolio is Expedia Group, Inc. Travel locations, leisure activities, cruises, and airlines are all part of the company’s extensive offering. It connects travelers from all around the world with worldwide companies that are relevant to them. One of Ricky Sandler’s top investments in his Q2 portfolio is WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Corp. The company’s asset portfolio includes 360,000 storage rental units in 276 cities across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. For more details, click Ricky Sandler’s Eminence Capital’s Top 10 Stocks.