Conspiracy theories have been crafted about everything. Religion, governments, secret organizations, crime, you name it, you can probably find a conspiracy theory about anything. However, not every conspiracy theory gathers attention and is eventually forgotten. However, there are some that just blurs the line between fact and fiction and just for the degree of their strangeness, they are talked about whenever the topic comes up in a discussion. Whether online of face to face. Though by nature conspiracy theories tend to be way over the top, but when it comes to aliens, conspiracy theories get even wilder. And perhaps the most famous conspiracy theory about alien life forms visiting the Earth on spacecraft is the Roswell incident. Since are reading this article this far, it is safe to assume that you are well aware about conspiracy theories about aliens. And you must have heard about Roswell incident as well. Well, we have dug up information regarding some of the wildest conspiracy theories regarding alien visitations. You can read about all these amazing conspiracy theories in the full article. Though the main attraction is the Roswell incident, but we have compiled some other great theories to go with that as well. Hope you enjoy reading through our list.

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