Safest European Countries for Solo Female Travelers


Domestic travel is already on the rise in the United States, with major airlines and travel agencies reporting record bookings. This post is written for women who are going to travel alone in the next months, especially if it is their first time. Over the last year, more than 32 million women have chosen to travel alone. From 2015 to 2017, bookings by female lone visitors increased by 45 percent at Hostelworld Group Plc. Sexual harassment, theft, rape, and verbal and physical assaults have been reported, according to women’s rights organizations.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 17 safest European countries for solo female travelers. In the 2020 Global Peace Index, Germany received a score of 1.494. In Germany, approximately 5.3 million offenses were registered last year. Staying in a safer hotel, such as Frauenhotel Hanseatin, the female-only hotel, can help you stay safe. According to OSAC’s Crime and Safety Report 2020, the country is low-risk, with only a small risk of sexual offences against female tourists. In a ranking of the safest European countries for solitary female travelers, the country is ranked 16th. The country’s tourism industry is booming, with 33.1 million foreign tourists visiting in 2018. Sweden is likewise a safe alternative in Europe for solitary female travelers. The overall climate in the country is progressive and safe for women. On the streets of Sweden, you can walk alone at any time of the day or night. Visit the Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, Skansen, and other attractions. In the Czech Republic, the likelihood of violent crime is low. The Dancing House, Prague Castle, and Charles Bridge are all worth seeing. If you’re traveling alone or with a partner, TripAdvisor is a terrific location to stay. The country is ranked 8th in the world for peace. Another popular tourist location in the world is Italy. Approximately 96.2 million international visitors visited the country in 2019. The rate of crime has recently decreased, making it safer for solitary female travelers to visit than other African countries. According to the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, Denmark is the second happiest country on the planet. Denmark is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, with no natural disasters and a low crime rate. Denmark saw the biggest number of overseas stays in its history in 2019. France is ranked 11th among the safest European countries for female solo travelers. In 2018, tourism brought in more than $71.01 billion to the country. According to a recent survey by France 24, there has been a dramatic decline in sex-based hate crimes in France. For more countries on this list, click 17 Safest European Countries for Solo Female Travelers.

Safest European Countries for Solo Female Travelers