, inc. (CRM)’s Vision: Wearables for Business


Daniel Debow, senior Vice President at, inc. (NYSE:CRM) was discussing about the wearable technology on Bloomberg West and he was very positive about the future that wearables have in business and enterprise environments., inc. (CRM) vision for Wearables at business

He was asked about his vision for the, inc. (NYSE:CRM) wear and he stated:

“Well salesforce wear is a first step, an initiative to help developers build business applications for wearables. We think wearables are growing extremely quickly and they are going to find all sorts of use cases in and in enterprise.”

He said that wearables for business are all about helping companies to connect to their customers in entirely new ways.

When he was asked about the application and use of such wearables and where Debow sees these wearables can be used, he explained his vision and said that as we move to a new platform for technology, we invent new ways to use it and entirely new ways. Uber couldn’t have existed without Mobile phones.  Debow also felt that wearables enhance productivity in various fields on business such as telling people that you are running late through a meeting with one click on a watch.

When Debow was asked about how, inc. (NYSE:CRM) would deal with the fact that if too much technology is loaded in a single platform, it might at times clutter it up and make it more difficult to use, he chuckled and continued to explain that whenever we adopt new platforms and build apps for them, not all of the apps are great ones. He said that, inc. (NYSE:CRM) is really trying to catalyze the development of the killer apps for wearables.

Debow also stated that the main reason to launch, inc. (NYSE:CRM) wear is to provide support to the 1.5 million developers working on the platform. He said that they have built 6 reference apps for six leading different wearable devices and given them to the developers for free to help them develop more apps around these reference apps and connected all devices to salesforce one platform.

Debow was confident that people are not going to find the use cases really helpful and the developed apps will not “clutter it up” for sure., inc. (NYSE:CRM) is working with all major vendors that produce apps for the wearables they launch. So when he was asked what all these companies exactly look for, he stated:

“All of these device manufacturers want more applications built for these devices and I think in this particular case, they are really excited about enterprise exploration. How can businesses use this?”

He was also very positive about the possible wearable launch by Apple later this year and he said that he is excited with the opportunity that is going to bring to the development market. Debow also said that, inc. (NYSE:CRM) is the first enterprise vendor to take initiative to develop apps and encourage its developers to develop apps for wearable devices.

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