Science Documentaries You Must to Have a Dekko At


Science can be very interesting even for the ones who are not that familiar with all the rules and laws of science. To show and teach you the basic laws and interesting facts of science, movie producers and scientist came up with the great way to make this experience more pleasant and easy for you to understand by making documentaries. Therefore, we tried to find the best science documentaries you must to have a dekko at.
Science never stops to amaze us with new founding and facts. But just because something is called ‘’Science documentary’’ doesn’t mean that all of the facts are proven and truthful. The Internet is overloaded with videos made only to attract more audience and gain more subscribers, but with the fact, that is not considered to be truth and is mostly based on someone’s opinion.
One of the examples is The Body found, which is actually an entertaining show, but no one ever bothered to tell that to the audience. The show was based on investigation team looking for a sea creature that could be related to humans and the plot by itself was something that gained the directors that big audience and bunch of cash. But everyone remained in shock when the truth came out. The whole plot was unreal and the investigation team was actually the team of hired actors who were supposed to bring the show to the big screens.
The problem with the fake documentaries is that the science documentaries are supposed to teach people and show them all the secrets of nature. But when it comes to the fake ones, the whole civilization may have the wrong conclusion and end up completely brainless. The study made in one Turkish school showed the influence of the science documentaries, by dividing the eighth graders into two groups and allowing one of the groups to learn via documentaries instead of teacher’s lectures and books. These kids who were watching science documentaries as a part of their curriculums showed the better understanding of a subject that the ones who were only provided with the written contents. This is why many TV shows nowadays are based on scientific facts, and even the cartoons are made by these lines.
As you may see, the science documentaries have a much greater purpose than making money for the movie directors. To find the ones that fit you well, you can scroll IMDb’s lists, check out Interesting Engineering, Reddit, or Quora, or simply believe us when we say that these are 11 best science documentaries on YouTube.