SEI Investments Company (SEIC): 2 Insiders Unload Stock


This week, two insiders at SEI Investments Company (NASDAQ:SEIC) completed stock dispositions. On Monday, the firm’s Executive Vice President, Joseph Ujobai, unloaded 10,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a price of $35.71 per share. In addition to this, the insider exercised his use of stock options. This is Ujobai’s first stock sale since May, when he disposed of 60,000 shares of Common Stock for $32.36 per share.

The second insider to unload stock this week is Executive Vice President Jeffrey Klauder, who sold 10,000 shares of Common Stock for a price of $36.28 per share. The insider had already disposed of 10,000 shares for $36.18 per share last Wednesday and has been regularly unloading stock throughout July. Following yesterday’s sale, Klauder now owns a total of 57,464 shares of the $6.0 billion market cap investment management firm.

On another note, last quarter showed several hedge funds increasing their stakes in SEI Investments, such as Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies, which added another 29% of the firm’s shares to the portfolio. The hedge fund now owns over 1.49 million shares, worth $52.7 million.

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