Six Insider Acquisitions and Sells at Marketo Inc (MKTO): Wesley Wasson, Roger Siboni, Hea Tae Nahm, Douglas Pepper, M Phillip Fernande and Susan Bostrom


Marketo Inc (NASDAQ:MKTO) has granted 5 directors with 4,223 shares of common stock each. “One-hundred percent (100%) of the RSUs will vest upon the earlier of (i) the 2015 annual stockholder meeting of the issuer, and (ii) one year from the grant date (June 12, 2015), subject to continued service by the grantee on the vesting date,” (SEC).

Director Douglas Pepper, following this transaction, currently holds 4,223 shares at this $1.04 Billion Market Share Company, in a direct form. Directors Hea Tae Nahm,  Roger Siboni, and Wesley Wasson received the same amount of shares, and own directly 4,223 shares at the company, after the reported acquisition. Director  Susan Bostrom  by her part also received 4,223 shares, and currently owns 11,998 shares at this cloud-based marketing software Company, directly.

Moreover, President, Ceo & Chairman M Phillip Fernandez  sold 10,000 shares, at a price of $25.2489 per share. The Marketo Inc (NASDAQ:MKTO) shares were sold pursuant to Mr. Fernandez’s 10b5-1 Plan entered into on September 3, 2013. Following this transaction, he owns 399,214 shares by trust, and another 84,541 shares, in direct form.

Disclosure: None.

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