Small-Cap Stocks To Buy According To Australian Billionaire Kerr Neilson


Platinum Asset Management was co-founded by Kerr Neilson in 1994. With approximately $4.3 billion in managed securities, it is one of Australia’s most successful hedge funds. Under Neilson’s investment strategy, the portfolio has increased by 0.96 percent this year. Neilson Capital Management has a portfolio of about 16.8 million shares worth $512.6 million. During the second quarter of 2021, the Sydney-based fund made new purchases in 15 stocks, increased stakes in 45 stocks, reduced holdings in 34 stocks, and sold 12 stocks.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 small-cap stocks to invest in according to Australian billionaire Kerr Neilson. Prometheus Biosciences Inc. is a biopharmaceutical firm focused on the research and discovery of therapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel illnesses. The company’s market capitalization is $975.537 million. Warrior Met Coal Inc. is a well-known metallurgical coal producer and exporter for the steel industry. It extracts coal from some of North America’s deepest vertical shaft coal mines. Coal is supplied to markets in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. The eighth stock on our list of the top ten small-cap stocks to purchase is Genetron Holdings Limited. One of the most well-known platforms integrating molecular biology and data science to transform cancer therapy is the Chinese precision oncology firm. NanoString Technologies Inc. is a biotech business based in Seattle that primarily develops translational research tools. The company is traded as a Russell 2000 Component and has a market cap of $2.146 billion. The sixth stock on the list is OneConnect Financial Technology Co. Ltd. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company provides financial institutions with a technology-as-a-service platform. The FTSE Global Equity Index Series now includes the corporation. For more details, click 10 Small-Cap Stocks To Buy According To Australian Billionaire Kerr Neilson.