Small-Cap Stocks To Buy According To Ken Fisher


Companies with a market capitalization of $300 million to $2 billion are considered small-cap stocks. Eugene Fama, a Nobel laureate, studied the equity returns of small, midsize, and large-cap corporations. Compared to larger businesses, which had a risk factor of 17.9%, small-cap equities had a risk factor of 30.8 percent. Philip A. Fisher, a well-known stock trader, is the father of Kenneth Lawrence Fisher. One of the first companies to offer investors small-cap value stocks was his company. Fisher traded rid of 89 stocks and bought more of 490 during the first quarter of 2022.

Insider Monkey highlights 10 small-cap stocks to buy according to Ken Fisher. Genomic diagnostic products and services are offered by San Francisco-based biotechnology company Veracyte, Inc. In the first quarter, Fisher Asset Management held 1.148 million company shares worth $31.656 million. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. beat analyst projections for EPS of $2.99 by $0.36. In accordance with the accelerated share repurchase program, 1.2 million shares totaling $100 million were bought back in April. Pre-delivery payments of $115 million were spent by the corporation for their new aircraft. A biopharmaceutical business called Dynavax Technologies Corporation specializes in creating and marketing new vaccinations. The company’s stock has increased by 11.34 percent over the past year. Sales of $146.7 million are anticipated by the corporation for the second quarter of 2022. In the first quarter of 2022, Fisher Asset Management was the most prominent name among hedge funds in the company’s profile. The fund held shares of Vericel Corporation worth $46.786 million, or 0.02 percent of the 13F portfolio. A provider of micro-acoustic, audio processing, and precision device solutions, Knowles Corporation. The business has locations across Asia, Europe, and North America. In the second quarter of 2022, Knowles Corporation made an announcement about a $150 million share repurchase program. For more details, click 10 Small-Cap Stocks To Buy According To Ken Fisher.