Solazyme Inc. (SZYM) Insider Jerry Fiddler Sells 12,000 Shares


Solazyme Inc. (NASDAQ:SZYM) Director Jerry Fiddler unloaded 12,000 shares of Common Stock yesterday. The insider completed the transaction in two days, first selling 3,000 shares on Tuesday, indirectly through the Fiddler and Alden Family Trust, for a price of $10.01 per share. He then unloaded the remaining 9,000 shares yesterday, also indirectly via the Jazem I Family Partners, L.P., for a weighted average price of $10.08 per share.

However, Fiddler isn’t the only recently active insider at the $756 million market cap oil producer. Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Wolfson, also completed a stock disposition this week, unloading 34,251 shares of Common Stock on Tuesday, for a price of $10.27 per share and 115,749 shares on Monday at $9.79 per share. Following the sale, Wolfson now holds a total of 2,364,851 company shares to his name.

On another note, this quarter saw several new hedge funds take shareholding positions at Solazyme, such as Guy Shahar’s Dsam Partners, which recently purchased 450,874 shares, worth $5.2 million and comprising 1.66% of the hedge fund’s portfolio.

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