Sony Corporation (SNE) and Facebook Inc. (FB): Foray into Virtual Reality


In a CNBC Video, Patrick O’Luanaigh, the CEO of Ngames talks about the virtual reality headsets Oculus from Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Project Morpheus from Sony Corporation (NASDAQ:SNE) and also demonstrates the use of the headset. With an Oculus virtual reality headset on his head, he explains how it feels to wear this device. According to the report, the headsets are very simple to wear and really easy to use. So one can just wear the headset and then be prepared for a fantastic out of the world experience. To quote O’Luanaigh, ‘it feels like one is in an entirely different world.’


Great Controls

He goes on to add that Project Morpheus has a fabulous control system. The headset comes with the same controller systems that are provided by Sony Corporation (NASDAQ:SNE) for their Playstation 4 gaming console. The controller devices that come with Playstation 4 are wireless and easy to hold.  The user wearing the virtual reality headset can rotate around and get a panoramic feel of the virtual reality world.

Immersive experience

O’Luanaigh says that virtual reality games are for those who want to immerse themselves in a completely different world. Both the Virtual Reality devices from Sony Corporation (NASDAQ:SNE) and Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) are geared to give the experience of games in which the characters are rich, the stories absolutely exciting and the user immerses himself or herself into virtual reality.  The technology used in these headsets is really smart.

Hopefully competitive prices

O’Luanaigh also states that he hopes that these are made available to the public at competitive prices.  There is a significant amount of money that is going to come into the virtual reality gaming industry. And with Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) buying out Oculus, they can value the headsets at an attractive price. Facebook’s purchase of Oculus benefits it in that Oculus products can be improved significantly with more money invested in it.

Highland Capital Management, led by James Dondero is one of the largest shareholder of Sony Corporation (NASDAQ:SNE), with a stake of 1.99 million shares. Next on the list is Mario Gabelli’s Gamco Investors holds 1.96 million shares, worth $37.49 million.

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