SPACs To Buy According To Richard Gerson’s Falcon Edge Capital


Rick Gerson, Navroz Udwadia, and Ryan Khoury launched Falcon Edge Capital in 2012. New York, Miami, London, Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore are among the company’s locations. It has a globally diverse portfolio of assets and partnerships. In just four months, Falcon Edge Capital has invested more than $1 billion in Indian firms. Swiggy, Dream11, and Policybazaar are three significant Indian tech firms in which the corporation has funded. SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) are firms founded specifically to merge with other enterprises. Alphabet, Microsoft, and Sea Limited are among the high-cap firms Falcon Edge Capital has invested in. In 2020, the Nasdaq Composite returned 43.64 percent, outperforming the S&P 500’s 16.26 percent gain. Due to COVID-19, the technology industry produced a very outstanding return in 2020.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of top 10 SPACs to buy according to Richard Gerson’s Falcon Edge Capital. Nextgen Acquisition Corp. II was founded in 2020 and is situated in Florida. The organization wants to buy businesses in the industrial, technology, and healthcare sectors. It went public in March 2021, raising $382 million in its first public offering. In September 2020, Rabbit LEAP Ltd. went public, raising around $402 million in the initial public offering. The firm is on the lookout for fintech companies to invest in. The company’s market capitalization is $422 million. Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corporation is a mergers and acquisitions company situated in Florida. The company is worth roughly $344 million in terms of market capitalization. Falcon Edge Capital has 1.7 million shares worth $17.012 million in the firm. CF Finance Acquisition Corp. III  is a New York-based special purpose acquisition company incorporated in 2016. It was founded for affecting mergers, assets acquisition, stock purchase, and reorganization. Cantor Fitzgerald is the primary sponsor of CF Finance Acquisition Corp. III. On August 16, 2021, CF Finance Acquisition Corp. III closed the merger with AEye, Inc. to form a new entity AEye. Inc. and listed under ticker symbol “LIDR” on the Nasdaq. AEye, Inc. is the market leader in high-performance, adaptive, and next-generation LiDAR solutions for autonomous vehicles. The solutions include software, algorithms, and hardware. Before the merger, AEye, Inc. was valued at $1.52 billion. Now, the company has a market value of $1.19 billion. Frontier Acquisition Corp. is a corporation that specializes in acquisitions. The company, created in 2021, focuses on finding new businesses in the healthcare and biotech areas. On October 3, 2021, it went public, raising $230 million in its first public offering. For more details, click Top 10 SPACs To Buy According To Richard Gerson’s Falcon Edge Capital.