Standard Pacific Corp. (NYSE:SPF), watched four directors add to their holdings in the company by the same increment. Donald R. Foell, John R. Peshkin, Douglas C. Jacobs, & Bruce A. Choate all purchased 3,488 shares at an average price of $8.6 in the $2.44 billion homebuilding and financial services company. After these transactions, Foell directly holds 521,687 shares; Choate directly has 188,439 shares; Jacobs holds 106,403 shares directly; and Peshkin directly holds 36,943 shares in Standard Pacific Corp. (NYSE:SPF).
In addition, there are major hedge funds with large stakes in the company. Amici Capital, the hedge fund run by Paul Orlin and Alex Porter reported a 12% increase in activity last quarter, now holding 8,157,519 shares worth about $67.8 million; Ken Griffin‘s Citadel Investment Group reduced it’s exposure by 18%, now with 6,248,058 shares worth around $52 million; Daniel S. Och‘s Oz Management showed a 5% decrease over the last quarter, holding 34,658,000 shares worth approximately $43.2 million; while Aqr Management, the fund run by Cliff Asness, showed no change over the last quarter in it’s exposure to Standard Pacific Corp. (NYSE:SPF), holding 22,275,000 shares worth about $27.8 million.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.