Although India can brag about the 7,7% increase in economy, there are some questions left unresolved. India is often refered as the rape capital of the world, with 1.8 rapes per 100,000 people by the data collected in 2010. In 2015, there were 34,651 reported cases of rapping in India and those are only reported ones. The law in India is not very securing for the rape victims. Back in 2013 there was a case of arrested victim of rapping, while the actor was left on freedom. This was quite a scandal for India, but the law wasn’t changed ever since. If you were considering India as the destination for your summer holiday, we recommend you to check out states in India you should avoid when going on holiday.
Karntaka became the center of many technology companies and reports higher revenue every year. The economy is growing slow, but secure, and the educational system is on the rise. Unfortunately, there is one more thing on the rise, and that is the crime. According to the research done by Insider Monkey’s research team, the year of 2015 brought 138,847 reported crimes by the end of the year, which was 224 cognizable crimes per 100,000 people. Still, in compare to the national average crime rate, these numbers are low.
Unfortunately, Assam can’t tell it for itself. With the crime rate of 321.8 per 100,000, the highest number of reported cases are sexual offences, which, to be more precise was 20.6 per 100,000 females, or 1,733 reported cases in 2015. Also, Assam has the leading role in violent crimes in general. The worse thing is, Assam isn’t the No.1 dangerous state in India, but the third.
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