Stock Picks From Billionaire Larry Robbins’ Portfolio


Larry Robbins, a billionaire, has been working aggressively on adjusting his stock portfolio to enhance investment returns. In the September quarter, Robbins slashed its portfolio position in 27 different stocks and also sold some stakes in his 6 stocks. During the previous quarter, this hedge fund has purchased just 7 new stocks and added more stake in 9 previous positions. Glenview Capital Management which was established in 2000, is in search of gaining absolute returns by concentrating on basic research. Robbins, in his investor letter as shared in the post by Insider Monkey, has highlighted his particular philosophy of investment as:

“We remain focused on finding “convertible equities” with positive value creation optionality, and we continue to encourage our companies to capitalize on this historically low rate environment to access long-term, semi-permanent debt capital to reinvest in capex, M&A and share repurchase.”

Apart from healthcare-related stocks, Larry Robbins is also engaged in selecting stocks from materials industries, consumer discretionary, communications, finance, and tech sectors. However, the space held by these stocks in the portfolio of Glenview is small. Let’s start with some of the top stock picks of Robbins as shared by Insider Monkey. 

Hologic Inc., is the producer of diagnostics products is one of the favorite stocks from the portfolio of billionaire Larry Robbins. Although around 25% of the stake were sold by the hedge fund in the previous quarter, still, Hologic is in 9th position in the stock holding of Robbins. In the overall portfolio of the hedge fund, 2.80% is held by HOLX stake. During the last 12 monthsHologic shares rallied by 43%, thanks to the fast growth of revenue due to COVID-19 testing. During the past 5 years, the shares of Hologic are up by 95%.By the end of Q3 of 2020, around 50 hedge funds show a bullish attitude towards shares of Hologic. In the last quarter, the total revenue generated by Hologic was $1.35 billion which shows an upsurge of 55.58% as compared to the same period of last year.

DXC Technology Company is an IT giant and is from the list of long-running stocks held by the portfolio of Larry Robbins. The first stake was initiated by this hedge fund in DXC during the year 2015. Currently, this stock accounts for a total of 5.31% of the entire portfolio. This year, the underperformance of DXC technology shares was observed despite having a strong wider market rally. During the past 12 months, a 39% decline in shares has been observed. This is not considered the favorite stock pick by other hedge funds. Around 37 hedge funds have shown bullish behavior for the shares of DXC Technology Company. There are some other stocks picks as well, to learn more about them, please check out Larry Robbins’ Top Stock Picks.