Stock Sale at Facebook Inc. (FB): 2 Insiders Unload Shares


Last week, two insiders at Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) unloaded stock. Jas Athwal, the firm’s Chief Accounting Officer, sold 10,000 shares of Class A Common Stock, directly, and for a price of $75.94 per share. This is one of many stock trades executed by the insider throughout the fiscal year, but most of them remained in a much smaller range of shares. In February, however, Athwal had unloaded 23,201 shares of Class A Common Stock for a price of $66.92 per share. Following the latest disposition, the CAO now owns a total of 120,949 company shares.

The second insider to sell Facebook shares is David Fischer. Facebook’s Vice President of Marketing unloaded 36,000 shares of Class A Common Stock in a two day transaction executed between Wednesday and Thursday. While the stock was sold directly, 18,000 shares were sold at a price of $69.76 per share, while the remaining 18,000 shares went at $75.94 per share. Following Fischer’s first sale of the month, he now owns a total of 363,199 Facebook shares.

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