Stock Sale at RPX Corp (RPXC): 2 Insiders Unload Shares


Geoffrey Barker, Executive Director at RPX Corp (NASDAQ:RPXC), unloaded 10,000 shares of Common Stock in a transaction executed yesterday. The stock was sold directly, in two steps. On Monday, Barker disposed of 5,000 shares, paying a price of $17.64 per share, while another 5,000 shares were sold off yesterday, for $18.06 per share. This is one of many stock sales completed by the Executive Director, as he has been consistently unloading shares of the $953.1 million market cap risk management firm. At the end of May he sold 34,383 shares, paying $16.27 per share. Following the sale, Barker now owns a total of 319,399 shares.

RPX Corp’s Executive Vice President, Mallun Yen, also completed a stock sale yesterday, selling 15,000 shares for $18.01 per share. While insider sales have been common throughout June, this quarter’s hedge fund positions have been positive, with many increasing the firm’s participation in their portfolio. The leading shareholder hedge fund remains Eric Bannasch’s Cadian Capital, with 2.47 million shares and a value of $40.29 million.

Disclosure: none