REX American Resources Corp (REX): 2 Insiders Sell Shares


REX American Resources Corp. (NYSE:REX) saw two of its insiders complete stock dispositions this week. Stuart Rose, Close of Business and Chief Executive Officer of the $727 million market cap holding company, unloaded 30,000 shares of Common stock $.01 par value, directly, on Monday, for a price of $85.90 per share, before selling another 8,000 shares for $85.94 per share. This is one of many dispositions to be completed by Rose this quarter, as just last week he unloaded 50,000 shares for a price of $82.28 per share. Following the transaction, Rose now owns a total 848,758 company shares.

The second stock sale at REX American was executed by company director Lawrence Tomchin, who disposed of 10,446 shares of Common stock $.01 par value, directly, yesterday. The insider sold his shares in smaller batches of 1,000 holdings, for prices ranging between $87.6 and $88.25 per share. After his first disposition of the month, Tomchin still holds a total of 182,980 company holdings to his name.

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