Stock Trading at Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SCMP): 3 Insiders Sell Shares


Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCMP) saw three of its insiders complete stock dispositions on Friday. S&R Technology Holdings, LLC, one of the company’s largest shareholders, unloaded 16,155 shares of Class A Common Stock, directly, for a weighted average sales price of $6.26 per share. This is one of many stock sales executed by the insider throughout the fiscal year, with the latest transaction dating back to last Wednesday, when 3,245 shares were sold at a price of $6.32 per share.

The second insider to sell Sucampo stock is Sachiko Kuno.             The large shareholder also unloaded 16,155 shares of Common Stock, for the same price as S&R Technology, and now holds a total of 22,783,802 company shares. Furthermore, shareholder Ryuji Ueno completed the same disposition as his fellow insiders last Friday, thereby completing the stock sales at the $268.2 million market cap biopharmaceutical firm.

On another note, this quarter Jacob Gottlieb augmented the company’s portfolio participation by 18%, so Visium Asset Management is now the largest shareholding hedge fund, with over 1.7 million shares, worth approximately $12.6 million.

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