This week, Xoom Corp (NASDAQ:XOOM) saw two of its insiders complete stock dispositions. The sales commenced on Monday, at the hand of Director Kevin Hartz, who unloaded 7,425 shares of Common Stock for a weighted average price of $21.69 per share. The stock was also sold indirectly, through the Hartz Family Revocable Trust and pursuant to a previously established Rule 10b5-1 trading plan. This is one of several dispositions executed by the insider this quarter, as only two weeks ago he sold 29,700 shares of Common Stock for $21.73 per share. Hartz’ total company shares have been reduced to 955,675 after the sale.

The second insider sale was completed by Xoom Corp’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Kunze, who disposed of 18,750 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a weighted average price of $21.45 per share. Furthermore, the insider also exercised his use of stock options in order to complete the transaction. Kunze, like his colleague, has been very active this quarter, having completed several dispositions, such as the 18,750 shares of Common Stock that he sold for $21.40 per share last Tuesday.

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