Stocks Better Than Apple According To Hedge Funds


Some of the most critical concerns that seasoned investors consider before investing in a market dominated by technology firms are bloated valuations and uncertain profit growth. Over the last decade or so, Apple has been one of the few computer companies to utilize a world-leading consumer goods ecosystem. Apple Inc. has cultivated a devoted customer base, fostered an innovative culture, and continuously boosted earnings, much to the joy of long-term investors. The stock, on the other hand, is currently trading at multiples that are substantially higher than the basic earnings. A Chinese economic crisis would undoubtedly be a short-term headwind for the company. iPhone sales, the company’s most important product, are declining. Before jumping into investments in the world’s most famous corporation, investors should watch these changes and evaluate them. 

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 9 stocks better than Apple according to hedge funds. Paypal Holdings, Inc. is ranked ninth among the nine stocks that outperform Apple Inc. on our list. The firm, according to hedge funds, sells digital payment services. PYPL stock has a Buy rating and a $325 price target from DA Davidson. Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a technological conglomerate founded in China with holdings in various internet-related companies. According to hedge funds, it ranks eighth on the list of nine stocks that are better than Apple Inc. Alphabet Inc. is a technological corporation based in California that owns and operates the Google internet search engine. The company is divided into two classes of stock: Class A and Class C. It is ranked eighth on the list of 9 stocks that hedge funds believe are better than Apple. Mastercard Incorporated is ranked sixth out of nine stocks that are better than Apple Inc. The company is based in New York and provides transaction processing services. Mastercard’s stock maintains an Overweight rating from JPMorgan, with a $430 price target. Visa Inc. is ranked fifth out of nine stocks that are better than Apple. The company is based in California and provides payment technology services. Morgan Stanley kept its Overweight rating on Visa Inc., with a $282 price target. For more details, click 9 Stocks Better Than Apple According To Hedge Funds.