Stocks For Dividend Growth Investing In 2022


Investing in companies that consistently raise their dividends is known as dividend growth investing. Dividend increases may not be excessive, given that these firms continue to grow. However, a portion of the extra funds must be reinvested. Chairman of O’Shares, Kevin O’Leary, talks about where to invest in the face of rising inflation. As inflation rises, the best companies are those that have the ability to set their own prices. According to the author, investors should look for companies with strong balance sheets and consistent dividends. Healthcare and consumables, according to the chairman of O’Shares, have a lot of pricing power right now. Another piece of advice from O’Leary for investors was to look into the European market, where companies like Nestle S.A. can be found. 

Insider Monkey chose companies that have been consistently paying dividends for at least 10 years. Comcast announced a quarterly dividend of $0.25 per share, which is in line with the company’s previous quarterly dividends. It will be paid on January 26 to shareholders whose accounts were in good standing on January 5th. The company has beaten EPS estimates 100 percent of the time over the last two years. New York Mellon Corporation declared a quarterly dividend per share on January 18 of this year, amounting to $0.34. For the past thirteen years, the bank has raised its dividends without fail. If you were a shareholder as of January 31, you would receive your dividend on February 11th. American tech company Texas Instruments Incorporated focuses on semiconductors. Digital signal processors, DSP-based integrated circuits, and embedded systems are also designed by the company. For the past 18 years, it has consistently increased its dividends. EPS of $3.33 beat expectations by $0.30 for JPMorgan Chase & Co. Revenue for the period totaled $29.26 billion, which was $521 million less than forecast. One of the largest public utilities in Wisconsin, Alliant Energy Corporation supplies electricity and natural gas. For the past 12 years, dividends have increased at an annual rate of 2.86 percent. For more details, click 10 Stocks For Dividend Growth Investing In 2022.

10 Stocks for Dividend Growth Investing in 2022