Stocks Hedge Fund Legend Donald Sussman Is Buying


Paloma Partners was established in 1981 by Donald Sussman. Capital allocation and a flexible trading model have helped the fund thrive over the past four decades. Quantitative and relative value investing have long been the two pillars of this firm’s investment philosophy. Astonishing returns of 6,152 percent have been achieved by Paloma Partners LLC A since its founding in 1981, with an annual compound return of 11.34 percent. As of April 27, 2021, the fund’s assets under management totaled $11.36 billion.

Insider Monkey checks out the 10 Stocks Hedge Fund Legend Donald Sussman is Buying. At the end of the third quarter, LyondellBasell Industries NV was in a long position for 41 hedge funds. In a deal worth $3.66 million, Donald Sussman and his team purchased 38,963 shares of the chemical company. In the third quarter of this year, Donald Sussman’s hedge fund purchased 28,859 shares of Teladoc Health, Inc. Paloma Partners now owns a 3.66 percent stake in TDOC, worth $3.66 million. Ex-shareholders sold Arch Capital Group Ltd. for 35% of their original investment during the second quarter of 2012. During the third quarter, nine hedge funds added ACGL to their 13F portfolios, indicating that they were reinvesting their profits. One of them, Paloma Partners, purchased 102,363 shares. In the third quarter, Paloma Partners increased its 13F holdings in Synchronchrony Financial by 97,005 shares. In spite of the fund’s new investment, hedge fund ownership of the stock fell to a five-year low in the quarter. ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. was purchased by Donald Sussman’s hedge fund in Q3. Between the middle of October and the middle of November, shares increased by 20%. However, since November 19, they’ve plummeted by 27%. For more details, click 10 Stocks Hedge Fund Legend Donald Sussman Is Buying.