Stocks Stanley Druckenmiller is Selling


The chief executive of Duquesne Capital, Stanley Druckenmiller, has a personal net worth of about $5.5 billion. The majority of his investments are in the economy’s technology and services sectors. In three decades, he had never experienced a losing year. In 1992, Druckenmiller made a name for himself by assisting George Soros, the CEO of Soros Fund Management, in shorting the British pound. During the financial crisis of 2009, his fund was one of the few that had positive returns. The millionaire continues to make public regulatory filings. Together with Soros, Druckenmiller has refined the art of macro trading. The hedge fund’s success is an outlier in an industry struggling from fintech’s growth and a drastic shift in market dynamics.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 stocks Stanley Druckenmiller is selling. Hess Corporation is ranked tenth. Oil, gas, and other fossil fuels are explored, developed, and produced by the corporation. In the last year, it has returned 85 percent to investors. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. is rated ninth. In the last several months, the company’s stock has returned 83 percent to investors. As the economy reopens and public events restart, this is a high-growth stock that is surging. BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. is the eighth stock on the list of the ten stocks that Stanley Druckenmiller is selling. According to the most recent filings, Duquesne Capital no longer owns any shares in the company. Carnival Corporation & Plc is rated seventh. Over the last year, the company’s stock has provided investors with returns of more than 58 percent. It is a leisure travel company situated in Miami. Analog Devices, Inc. is ranked sixth. Over the last few months, the stock has provided investors with returns of more than 41%. Duquesne no longer holds any of the company’s stock. For more details, click 10 Stocks Stanley Druckenmiller is Selling.