Stocks That Activist Investors Are Buying


A total of 89 campaigns were launched by activist investors in 2021 in an effort to improve shareholder value. The level of activism in 2020 and 2021 was lower than before COVID-19. Once the pandemic-driven mandates to work from home subside, analysts expect an increase in the number of campaigns to emerge. As the year 2022 approaches, activist investors are likely to target companies with low stock prices and ESG names that aren’t up to snuff. Exxon Mobil Corporation’s Engine No. 1 will be the most notable example in 2021, with a 0.02 percent ownership stake.

Insider Monkey selected the 10 stocks that activist investors are buying. Elliot Management, an American activist investment firm, had Taylor Wimpey Plc on its radar. The billionaire Paul Singer-founded Elliott Management is one of the company’s top five investors. You wanted a new chief executive officer who wasn’t part of the company. It is a British company that generates electricity from various sources, including water, gas, coal, oil, and a variety of other sources. For both residential and commercial customers, it provides electricity to the United Kingdom. They also participate in renewable energy projects. As a manufacturer of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, computers, televisions, and other home electronics, Toshiba Corporation is well-known. Activist investor Effissimo Capital Management, based in Singapore, owns 9.9 percent of Toshiba. Activist investor Nelson Peltz has built up a position in Unilever PLC through his hedge fund Trian Partners. The multi-national conglomerate is under pressure from the billionaire. Proctor and Gamble has been the subject of one of his most high-profile anti-corporate activism campaigns to date. A British multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone Group Public Limited Company serves customers in Asia, Africa and Europe and Oceania. Icahn-backed Swedish investment firm Cevian Capital has a significant but undisclosed stake in the company, reports the Wall Street Journal. For more details, click 10 Stocks That Activist Investors Are Buying.