Stocks That Billionaire David Tepper Is Loading Up On


David Tepper is one of Wall Street’s most successful investors. He is the president and founder of Appaloosa Management, a hedge fund based in New Jersey. Tepper, who has a personal net worth of $15.8 billion, has a track record of remarkable returns spanning three decades. In 2009, David Tepper was declared the highest-earning hedge-fund manager. Appaloosa Management has a $4.19 billion asset portfolio. The fund’s assets are spread across the sectors of Services, Financial, Industrial Goods, Healthcare, and Utilities.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 stocks that billionaire David Tepper is loading up on. Appaloosa Management presently owns 147,000 shares in the IT firm, worth $391.80 million in total. 156 hedge funds disclosed having stakes in Alphabet Inc. at the end of the third quarter, indicating that hedge funds are bullish on the business. By the end of Q3 2021, David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management will possess 1,540,000 shares of PulteGroup, Inc. The company posted an EPS of $1.82, which was $0.03 higher than expected. D.R. Horton, Inc. reported $8.11 billion in revenue for the quarter, which was $339.27 million higher than analysts’ expectations. The construction company is owned by 51 hedge funds out of 867 tracked by Insider Monkey, with a total value of $2.18 billion. On November 4, Occidental Petroleum Corporation announced its third-quarter earnings report, reporting $0.87 in earnings per share. In the third quarter, the company generated $6.82 billion in revenue, beating average projections by $247.24 million. Over the last quarter, Appaloosa Management boosted its investment in the firm by 24%. The company earned $1.65 per share in the third quarter, beating analysts’ expectations by $0.95. By the end of the third quarter, 37 hedge funds had reported holding Kohl’s Corporation. For more details, click 10 Stocks That Billionaire David Tepper Is Loading Up On.