Stocks To Buy According To Eduardo Costa’s Calixto Global Investors


Calixto Global Investors’ founder and portfolio manager is Eduardo Costa. He received his education at Columbia Business School and University of Pennsylvania degrees. At Shumway Capital Partners, Carlyle, and Lazard Asset Management, Costa began his professional career as an analyst. A basic investment manager focused on the worldwide Technology, Media, Telecom, and Consumer sectors is Calixto Global Investors. Through June 2021, the fund earned 3.9 percent and returned 3.2 percent to investors. The hedge fund’s most well-known holdings are Kanzhun Limited and, Inc. Calixto Global Investors held 1,800 shares of, Inc. Unified ID 2.0, developed by Trade Desk, is open-sourced and backed by more than 40 publications. The deal would enable AWS to privately run UID2.

Insider Monkey highlights the list of 7 stocks to buy according to Eduardo Costa’s Calixto Global Investors. In Q4 2018, Calixto Global Investors paid $12.47 million for 166,000 shares of, Inc., and it sold all those shares in Q3 2021. In Q1 2022, the hedge fund again invested $5.87 million in 1,800 shares of the business. First-quarter earnings for Kanzhun Limited showed revenue of $179.5 million, up 49.6% from the same period the previous year. The biggest investor in Kanzhun Limited was Tiger Global Management LLC, which is run by Chase Coleman and Feroz Dewan. Ariel Investments, run by John W. Rogers, is the largest shareholder in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., with an $85.67 million position as of Q1 2022. ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. saw a 31 percent increase in Calixto Global Investors’ ownership during the first quarter. The company’s sales for the period increased by 25.5 percent year over year and came in $90 million over projections. For more details, click 7 Stocks To Buy According To Eduardo Costa’s Calixto Global Investors. 

7 Stocks to Buy According to Eduardo Costa's Calixto Global Investors