Stocks To Buy According To Peter Simmie’s Bristol Gate Capital


A hedge fund based in Toronto, Canada, is Bristol Gate Capital. Bristol Gate Capital was established in 2006 by Richard Hamm and Peter Simmie. Concentrated high dividend growth portfolios are managed using data science and fundamental analysis. It is confident that it can create a portfolio that outperforms the market while also minimizing the risk of losses. A US Equity Strategy and a Canadian Equity  Strategy are offered by Bristol Gate Capital. With a return of 35.53 percent, this was the best year yet for the strategy. Its investments have an annual dividend growth rate of 20.4 percent and a yield of 1.6 percent. There are two equity strategies at Bristol Gate Capital: one for the United States, and one for Canada. An all-time high of 35.53 percent was achieved by the strategy in 2013. There is an average annual dividend growth rate of 20.4% and a yield of 1.6% for its holdings.

Insider Monkey compiled the list of 10 stocks to buy according to Peter Simmie’s Bristol Gate Capital. Commercial and financial services firm Moody’s Corporation is based in the United States. As a major shareholder in Moody’s, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has 24.67 million shares worth over $9.64 billion. NASDAQ-listed Cintas Corporation announced a $0.95 per share quarterly dividend on January 11th. Q4 saw an increase in the number of positions held by Insider Monkey’s 42 hedge funds, from 36 in the previous quarter. Hedge fund interest in Intuit Inc. has risen, with 82 of the world’s most prestigious funds owning stakes worth $7.99 billion in the company, up from 64 in the previous quarter. Peter Simmie had a 4.88 percent stake in the company. An American home improvement retailer, The Home Depot, Inc. sells tools, construction materials, appliances and other supplies as well as other services. There is a quarterly dividend of $1.90 per share declared by The Home Depot on February 22, 2014. The Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corporation is a global technology conglomerate. Peter Simmie, a Microsoft shareholder, increased his stake in the company by 1% in the fourth quarter, bringing the value of his shares to $110.81 million. For more details, click 10 Stocks To Buy According To Peter Simmie’s Bristol Gate Capital.

10 Stocks to Buy According to Peter Simmie's Bristol Gate Capital