Stocks To Invest In According To Joshua Kushner’s Thrive Capital


Entrepreneur and investor Joshua Kushner is a well-known American businessman. With Oscar Health, as well as Thrive Capital, his focus is on venture capital. He is also a co-founder of Oscar Health and a partner. A $3 billion fund managed by Joshua Kushner’s Thrive Capital was closed on February 17th. In addition to Oscar Health Inc. and Compass Inc., some of Kushner’s backed companies, such as Opendoor Technologies Inc. and Hims & Hers Health Inc., have gone public. It’s estimated that Joshua Kushner owns more than 7.29% of Compass Inc. A total of 6.22 percent of the fund’s assets are allocated to his stock in the business. The Joshua Kushner-led hedge fund owns over $5.85 million worth of Vimeo shares, valuing the company at over $105.12 million.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of 9 stocks to invest in according to Joshua Kushner’s Thrive Capital. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Twilio Inc. reported earnings of $842.74 million, beating estimates by $73.34 million. With a stake of 4.06 million shares, ARK Investment Management, headed by Catherine D. Wood, is the largest shareholder in the company. Internet gaming company Roblox Corporation provides a wide range of games. Blend Labs Inc. is a cloud-based software platform for financial services companies to support the entire client journey for banking solutions. Bruyette and Company analyst Ryan Tomasello began coverage of Blend Labs on February 14. Insider Monkey’s hedge fund database now shows 22 funds with positions in Hims & Hers Health, Inc., an increase from the previous quarter’s total of 14. The total value of these funds is $74.99 million. For more details, click 9 Stocks To Invest In According To Joshua Kushner’s Thrive Capital.

9 Stocks to Invest In According to Joshua Kushner's Thrive Capital