Storehouse Storytelling app Might Expand Beyond Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPad’s Platform


Storehouse’ Storytelling app is the epitome of creating and discovering beautiful stories while adding photos and videos from the iPad’s camera Roll, Dropbox and Instagram. Founded by Mark Kawano and Timothy Donnelly, the startup continues to be a revelation having generated a significant amount of revenues since inception. Mr. Kawano in an interview on Bloomberg West highlighted some of the app’s benefits and what the future holds on their partnership with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

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Mr. Kawano pointed out that the app mainly specializes in creating stories based on people’s photos videos and texts. The major concern at the moment is the declining iPad sales which could affect the App’s popularity considering it is only available on Apple store. The former designer at Apple Confirmed that they were looking on the possibility of moving to other platforms.

“Yeah, we are definitely looking to move to other platforms we are very bullish on the iPad we still think it is a great device,” said Mr. Kawano.

The storytelling app can be used on a number of unique ways, from girl’s night out to weekend bag packing trips. Professionals have also adopted the app according to the CEO using it to document deep photojournalism stories and cooking recipes. A variety of stories have essentially been told on the Storytelling app platform.

Mr. Kawano remains excited on Apple, iOS 8 which is the successor of iOS 7 as it is expected to polish some of the features in the latter, while also adding new exciting features.

“I think iOS 8 kind of  follows up  and really gives a lot of polish that you know, maybe was not quite there on iOS 7. I am really kind of hopeful as a big iPhone and iPad user myself that things are going to get better”, said Mr. Kawano.

Mr. Kawano also looks to be of the opinion that the coolest features are not yet there with Apple’s OS, but remains optimistic that there are still great products in the pipeline.

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