It appears that Stryker Corporation (NYSE:SYK)’s Director, Ronda Stryker is set to continue her sale streak this week, as the insider unloaded yet again 7,000 shares of Common Stock today. The disposition, which was executed indirectly by a revocable trust and pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan, closed at a price of $85.18 per share and following the sale, Stryker now owns a total of 11,063,682 company holdings. Only last week, the director of the $32.3 billion market cap medical technology firm had completed a four day stock sale of 28,000 shares, selling 7,000 shares each day between Monday and Thursday.

However, quarterly hedge fund movements at Stryker Corp remain solid, as David Harding’s hedge fund, Winton Capital Management and George Soros’ Soros Fund Management increased the firm’s portfolio participation by 33% and 144% respectively. Winton thereby now owns little over 1 million shares, worth $82.4 million, while Soros holds 1.09 million company shares, with a value of $89.5 million.

Disclosure: none