Swift Energy Company (SFY)’s CEO Terry Swift Buys 20,000 Shares


Terry Swift, Chief Executive Officer and Close of Business at Swift Energy Company (NYSE:SFY), bought 20,000 shares of Swift Energy Common Stock yesterday. The stock was purchased directly and the insider paid a price of $10.97 for each share. Following the CEO’s first stock transaction of the fiscal year, he now owns a total of 447,396 company holdings to his name.

While Swift is the only insider to have completed an acquisition this quarter, in March, company Directors Greg Matiuk and Clyde Smith Jr bought 15,000 shares of Common Stock each, paying $10.04 and $9.62 per share, respectively.

Last quarter also showed interesting developments regarding hedge funds, as several new shareholding positions were covered. Peter Muller’s Pdt Partners entered in a new shareholder position during Q1 with 139,479 shares, worth $1.5 million and is now one of the largest shareholding hedge funds at Swift Energy. Chuck Royce also increased the company stakes by 19% in March, boosting Royce & Associates’ shares to 1.49 million, with an estimated value of $16 million.

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