T-Mobile Us Inc (TMUS) Very Confident on Long-Term


John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE:TMUS), in an interview on CNBC talked about the competition in the carrier industry and future possibilities for T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE:TMUS), was very optimistic about passing their competition, and explained the current situation in terms of customers and their standing.

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He said that there are 1.5 million customers and 900,000 post-paid customers, and low churn at T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE: TMUS). He quoted a JDP survey that placed T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE: TMUS) as the number1 in customer care and no. 1 in speed. He also mentioned that their revenue growth is 8% and service revenue is 7%.

“Look at the momentum. In the past 24 hours you have clearly seen a dramatically different performance on the two companies. What I have tried to outline all along is that what is happening with T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE: TMUS), is the organic evolution of this company for the short- to medium- term […],” Legere said.

“The business organically, is doing extremely well, in qualitatively the short to medium term, T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE: TMUS) can be highly successful. We have said in the long term, scale is extremely important. I would like to point out we have multiple options to create long-term scale for this company,” he added.

Speaking on their customer base and future possibilities, Legere quoted a Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) survey done recently, which had said that “33% of wireless customers are likely or somewhat likely to consider switching carriers over the next six months” and spoke about a potential iconic device coming out in the next several months and said that T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE: TMUS) has the lowest penetration of that device in the base, that being iPhones.”

He also said that he thinks “everybody should look very hard at the possibilities of what T-Mobile Us Inc (NYSE: TMUS) can do over the next six months.”

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