TCF Financial Corporation (TCB) Saw Five Insiders Gain Stake In The Company


TCF Financial Corporation (NYSE:TCB), watched five Directors raise their exposure in the company. Theodore Bigos and Thomas A. Cusick both picked up 897.1426 shares of common stock at an average of $16.72 per share; Raymond L. Barton bought 1,096.4877 shares at an average of $16.72 per share; William F. Bieber purchased 874.714 shares at an average of $16.72 per share; and Karen L. Grandstrand acquired 1,196.1901 shares at an average of $16.72 per share.

Following these transactions, Barton owns 26,380.2023 shares directly and 5,000 shares indirectly; Bieber indirectly holds 1,045,726.3708 shares; Bigos has 4,697 shares directly and 37,934.6314 shares indirectly; Cusick indirectly has 212854.4529 shares while directly holding 21,600 shares; and Grandstrand indirectly holds 34,217.5164 shares in TCF Financial Corporation (NYSE:TCB), the $2.79 billion market cap company.

Also, a major hedge fund has shown movement in it’s positioning with the company in recent months. Lee Munder‘s Lee Munder Capital Group rose it’s activity by 16% over the last quarter, and now holds 2,515,280 shares worth approximately $42 million.

Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.